“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

—Viktor E. Frankl


Individual Psychodynamic Talk-Therapy

One-on-one therapy provides a confidential and safe space to explore your experience with the support and guidance of a skilled clinician.

Therapeutic Writing Groups

These groups, offered alternatively as single-session workshops or as on-going in-depth treatment, provide a creative, safe, and supportive context for women to explore their inner worlds through therapeutic writing.

Distance Therapy

For those unable to attend visit the office in person, Chantal offers therapy services via phone or Skype.

Consultation for Professionals

Committed to a high standard of care, Chantal offers psychodynamically-informed consultation for licensed and pre-licensed clinicians in the field.

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”

― Rumi

Therapy in Santa Barbara with Chantal Wunderlich, MFT


“The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to resolve issues that underlie unwanted symptoms. In working through these underlying issues, my clients can expect not only to heal, but also to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, resulting in a stronger sense of self.”

“Healing is a collaborative process that unfolds in the context of the relationship between therapist and client. A successful therapy requires skill and careful moment-to-moment consideration on the part of the therapist as well as active participation from the client. It is important that client and therapist be well-matched, which is why I meet with each person before a mutual commitment to treatment is made.”


therapy santa barbara


Chantal has successfully treated women who faced many kinds of difficulties, the focus of her practice is on treating women struggling with:

◦Relationship and Attachment Issues

◦Depression and Anxiety

◦Grief and Loss

◦Issues of Self-Esteem, Anger, and Identity


◦Issues of Adult Children of Alcoholics

◦Substance Abuse

◦Eating Disorders

◦Self-harming Behaviors