Virtual Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to understand what underlies the deeply rooted patterns that keep us from feeling whole, alive, and connected to ourselves and others.

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Is virtual therapy right for me?


 Moving from in-person to virtual therapy is a big step—one that is worthy of serious

consideration. Telementalhealth is a convenient and highly effective solution for many, but is not suited to everyone’s needs. This is one of the factors considered in the initial meeting before a mutual agreement to treatment is made. If you’re not sure if virtual therapy is right for you, please call me. I’d be happy to help you determine whether being connected through a screen or on the phone would be right for you.

Therapy in Santa Barbara with Chantal Wunderlich, MFT

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: The Talking Cure

Are you feeling stuck in a repetitive and painful behavioral or emotional pattern that you’ve been unable to transcend by other means?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to resolve issues that underlie unwanted symptoms. In working through these underlying issues, my clients can expect not only to heal, but also to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, resulting in a stronger sense of self.

Healing is a collaborative process that unfolds in the context of the relationship between therapist and client. A successful therapy requires skill and careful moment-to-moment consideration on the part of the therapist as well as active participation from the client. It is important that client and therapist be well-matched, which is why I meet online with each person before a mutual commitment to treatment is made.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– Rumi

About The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Process

Watch this video about how psychodynamic psychotherapy unlocks the past, informs the present, and expands the future.
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